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SirAzAzeL. Advice from professional gamer.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

         My name is SirAzAzeL and I want to introduce myself. I a professional player in different disciplines of esports sphere. I have a really high rating in many different nowadays games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where I have “Global” rank and Dota 2 where I have main account with 6500 MMR. Also, I boosted some account for money and do it pretty easy because of my skill in these games. All in all, I am able to share with some interesting information about tactics, macro and micro moment of the game and all around knowledge about sphere which are connected with gaming sphere.

         In addition, I need to say that I taught  some players who has very good results in several game disciplines now, so I think I am able to give you some advises which will be quite useful in your play and other spheres of life.

         Also, I was betting on main esports sites and had very good results which provided me some opportunities to earn money later. Now I am trying to develop some content on good site for which I wrote a lot of content which will help you to get better in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 for sure. Don`t be shy and connect perfect community with which you will be able to learn a lot of interesting fact and increase you skill at all.

         Here is my main site where I have a very useful blog which you are able to use to learn some tricks and know total information about nowadays esports events which will be played by the most skilled professional players of the world.

         Also, if you want to share with me some of your thoughts you are able to write to us down below on the site by the link:

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